Silvertown, Schoonhoven

The Belvédère hotel is located in the town of Schoonhoven. With a population of 12,000+ inhabitants Schoonhoven has a lot of history but is most famous for its gold and silversmith industry. No wonder it proudly carries the name of 'Zilverstad' ('Silvertown').Veerpoort Schoonhoven

The hotel is minutes away from the heart of the city, where you can find the Gold, Silver and Clocks Museum and the Silverhouse. Other interesting places to visit are the old harbour, the City Hall, the Weighing House ("Waag") and the church. The Lopikerstraat and the harbour are home to most of the shops - small boutiques and antique shops - and of course an enormous number of silver shops, workshops and jewel shops.

Also, within walking distance is the 'Veer', from which you can take the ferry across the river Lek. Sit at one of the riverside benches and enjoy the view! The medieval gate to the city still stands and provides both a beautiful entrance to the city and protection from floods.Zilver in Schoonhoven

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